our history

Hi, I am Chris Jopling. The origins of Snout and Trotter Hog Roasts lie in the Summer Wine hills of West Yorkshire where our family lived for fifteen years. Every June, our village would celebrate the end of the great plague with the Hepworth Feast. Hepworth was the furthest northerly point that the plague reached. The centre of this was a wood fired hog roast where a huge pig, set on a home-made spit, in front of a large brazier fuelled with timber, took eight hours to cook in which time a queue of people would stretch half way down the main street to enjoy the smokiness and succulence that only comes with wood fired cooking.

In 2006 our family moved to the South West and when a neighbouring farmer wanted to celebrate his 60th birthday in style I offered to roast him a pig "the Yorkshire way" and set about transforming the design I had carried in my head for many years into reality. Lennie, AKA local engineer and genius, was engaged and our portable wood fired roaster was born. All went well on that first engagement and now, several years and several upgrades later, we have a thriving business, working closely with venues and caterers in Devon and Cornwall, bringing tradition and theatre to celebrations throughout the year.

For more information and details on how to book our services take a look at the Hog Roasts page and the gallery.